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yes car insurance northern ireland

Is your car 5 years old or more?

If your car is five years old or more, congratulations!
You could qualify for cheaper car insurance premiums with yesinsurance.co.uk.

We also do great deals for low mileage drivers and second cars.

So how could yesinsurance.co.uk save you money on your car insurance premiums? Simple. We specialise in insuring cars over 5 years old, low-mileage cars and second cars. Cars 5 years old or more cost less to replace and repair than brand new ones. Those with low mileage or second cars offer a lower risk of accident because they tend not to be driven so often. This means, in the event of a claim, our customers don’t have expensive new models to repair or replace. This keeps costs down, so we can pass the savings on to you as cheaper car insurance.

Summary of cover

Third Party Only
• Unlimited cover for causing injury or death to other people
• £20 million cover for damage to other people’s property
• Extension to cover the regular driver driving other cars (subject to terms and conditions)
• Foreign travel cover – 60 days per trip in EU countries
Third Party Fire and Theft
• Everything covered under Third Party Only PLUS
• Cover if your car is stolen, damaged by fire, lightning or explosion
• Cover for audio equipment normally fitted by the manufacturer (to a maximum of £500 - subject to terms and conditions)
• Cover for car accessories fitted to the car or stored in your private garage
• Everything covered under Third Party, Fire and Theft PLUS
• Cover if your car is damaged maliciously or by vandalism, storm or flood
• Cover if your car is damaged accidentally, including windscreen and windows
• Replacement car whilst your car is at an approved repairer (subject to availability and conditions)
• If your car is less than 12 months old, a replacement car on a new for old basis in the event of a total loss claim
• 3-year guarantee on repairs
• Cover for medical expenses up to £200
• Cover for personal effects up to £100
• Personal accident (death and injury) cover up to £5,000 each for the regular driver and spouse


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